The Albany Haunt

The Albany Haunt was a haunted house I dreamt up at age 12. What started as an effort to scare the neighborhood kids together with my best friend quickly evolved into a five-year exploration of characters, storytelling, and environments. I had the opportunity to manage dozens of volunteers and thousands of dollars while putting on an event attended by thousands. I would not trade what I learned from this project for the world. In the course of running the Haunt, I acquired countless practical skills (from painting masks to reading fire codes), but the most important skills I gained were intangible, such as leadership, organization and teamwork.

Plan Z 2017 (photo walk through)

The Broken Spine Mine 2016 (Video)

Bad Dreams 2015 (Video)

Fear on the Farm 2014 (video)

The Albany Haunt 2013 (video)