AHS Sound Reinforcement 

At the end of my senior year at Albany High School, I tackled the project of upgrading the school gym's sound system. With a minimal budget, I was forced to make tough decisions about what to replace. Due to past negligence and phase issues, the current speakers were the first to go. Despite concerns regarding headroom, I selected JBL CBT 70J-1s as they had the horizontally wide and vertically narrow dispersion pattern required to cover the bleachers with minimal acoustic reflections. All of the analog processing in the rack was replaced by a DBX DriveRack 260 in order for us to more accurately calibrate the system to the room. An additional simpler sound board was installed outside of the cabinet to make the system more approachable. Finally, thanks to a generous donation of subwoofers from Jeff Castle and Jerome Allen, low frequencies will be felt by Albany High students for years to come. Check out the manual I wrote as a high school senior: AHS Gym Sound System Manual