Shop DuBois (Woodworking) 

Over the years of using a multitude of materials wood has found a special place in my heart, its natural beauty, machinability, and the constraints brought about by its irregular structural properties. Not to mention that the stuff practically grows on trees. The fact that DuBois in French means "of the woods" or "woodworker" is a happy coincidence I use to justify my morbid attraction to dead tree carcasses. In my work I prefer to use "old iron", American-made industrial machinery from the first half of the 20th century, as I find most newer machinery to be flimsy, under-powered, and overall less enjoyable to operate. To complicate my woodworking habit I love trees; I prefer to source urban logs from tree removal companies, thanks to my turn of the century bandsaw I am now able to mill them myself into workable lumber, thus preventing them from being mulched or used as firewood.