The Avenue Adventure

The Avenue Adventure was a month-long ARG I crafted with my friends Kai Girard and Joey Rees-Hill in the summer of 2019. The game began with players joining a fictional secret society known as the Ocean View Key Keepers. As the game progressed through a series of live events, puzzles, and expeditions players were introduced to lesser known aspects of our town's history. The climax came when the players stopped an evil scheme from taking place, and discovered the reason for Albany's Greatness: the town founders were aliens!

Thanks to a strategic partnership with The Solano Avenue Association and the Albany Chamber of Commerce we were able to put the production on at no cost to participants.

In managing such a technically complex event we were flying by the seat of our pants and did not document much but luckily a local newspaper did. Below you can find a montage of Elizabeth Lee's application process.

Appling to the Ocean View Key Keepers.mp4